what am i doing to myself. i am going from android to apple. only cuz i am desperate for a phone and i don’t have money. but now i can use the iphone and be like ya it sucks butt. as a designer i should try everything. so haters dont hate! phone is a phone! appreciate that you have one!


Cloud Appreciation Society, Ken Prior

I’m hungry.

So today I went to a wedding and after the ceremony and reception we all went to in n out. I dont think I’d have this experience again in my life again. It is also my first time help prepping for a wedding. It is cray cray. I would do it again though.



my friend forced me to his party so i started melting together candy corn into a candy corncob an hour and a half ago

i used up all the lighter fluid and now i don’t know what to do with this mass of sugar


ICYMI: Tina Belcher takes the ice bucket challenge.

It took her a second to work up the courage, but she got there!

american horror story today!!!!!!!


burger with bacon jam, gruyere cheese, fried egg, and caramelized onions on a brioche bun with fries
photo by a * b